Spear Point Filters

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* 80mm not available with #18 Female Faucet Adaptor end fitting
** 150mm available with #7 Coupling end fitting only
Extra charge will apply when multiple end fittings required e.g reduction from 50mm to 32mm. This also includes #8 reducing couplings

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Spear Point Filters are designed primarily for use at the bottom of bore holes where a water spear is placed down the centre of the bore casing. The bore casing is then pulled back up exposing the Spear Point Filter to the artesian water table. The pump then draws water through the Spear Point Filter to the surface screening out any foreign matter which may damage the pump and associated equipment.

In areas where the artesian water supply can vary in capacity, a draw down tube can be fitted inside the Spear Point Filter. This allows the whole length of the Spear Point Filter to screen the water when available, however only allowing water to be drawn from the bottom of the Spear Point Filter ensuring the pump is kept primed. The Draw Down Tube must be fitted at the time of construction.

Spear Point Filters can be used in other circumstances such as pumping from creeks and dams in temporary situations. A non-return valve can be located on top of the unit.

Spear Point Filter Diagram


  • 316 Grade stainless steel mesh – will last a lifetime
  • Pressure grade PVC casing for incredible strength and long life
  • Optimum ratio of slotting to pipe diameter to guarantee lowest velocities which reduces the incidence of encrustation
  • Single metal construction ensures longest life with no electrolysis
  • Available in a range of lengths, diameters and mesh sizes as standard
  • A range of end fittings and sizes are available

When ordering, please note that a Draw Down Tube must be fitted at the time of construction if you require one.

Please contact us for details of your nearest Australian Pump Filters distributor.

Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg
Pipe Diameter

32, 40, 50, 80, 100, 150

Pipe Length

300, 600, 900

Mesh Gauge

16, 30, 60, 80

Fitting Type

Male, Female, Slip