Mesh Details

All the mesh we use is designed with both performance and longevity in mind. Made from the highest grade 316 marine stainless steel strands, the mesh provides the protection and improvements in reliability that your pumping machinery deserves.

Mesh is measured in gauges. The gauge number indicates the number of strands of wire per inch. For example, 30 gauge has 30 wires per inch. This means that the hole is one thirtieth of an inch (less the diameter of the wire of course).

The following table indicates the mesh size that is generally required for most common applications.

Recommended for filtering: –
Mesh gauge Approx hole size Rocks Gravel Course sand Fine sand / soil Leaves & bugs Silt or powdery soil
16 1.0 mm
30 0.5 mm
60 0.25 mm
80 0.2 mm

Larger gauge mesh (smaller holes) is available upon request for other applications.