Australian Pump Filters

Australian Pump Filters have been supplying pump filters to industries across Australia since 1980.

Our filters are designed to protect pumps and other associated equipment from damage by foreign matter contained in some artesian waters, thus ensuring better performance with less downtime.

The vast majority of our products are used by the agricultural, horticultural and irrigation industries but we also supply:

  • Aquatic Industries
  • Construction
  • Domestic
  • Emergency Services
  • Forestry
  • and many more

All our filters are designed to the highest mechanical specifications to ensure that they operate at their optimum capacity even in the harshest conditions. Here are some of the reasons why an Australia Pump Filter is the best you can buy:

  • All slots are machine cut to ensure the optimum combination of strength and water flow
  • The mesh is highest grade 316 stainless steel to ensure a lifelong corrosion resistance
  • Because the filter body is made of plastic, there is no bi-metallic electrolysis resulting in no electrolytic degradation of the screen
  • Filter bodies are made of either standard or pressure grade piping to perform under any operating conditions
  • Mesh is available in a range of grades to filter anything from sediment to gravel
  • All filters are easily dismantled to allow easy maintenance

Become an agent for Australian Pump Filters

Australian Pump Filters sell through a range of local stores.

We require more agents to stock our product range. If you are the owner or manager of a pump, irrigation, horticultural, rural or agricultural store, why not consider becoming an agent for Australian Pump Filters.

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